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Thoughts on Marriage

Getting LDAP working with Kerberos for simple binds




maybe they've somehow got it into their heads that it's part of the POSIX standards for users to have penises, and that standard should never be broken or the kernel will panic, crashing the system with the message "AAAAGH! BOOBIES! RUN!!!" -xmoogle

information is a free whore on the internet -sneakin

In this post-"Crossing of the Delaware" era where surprise attacks and "ungentlemanly" conduct by our opponents is increasing normal and the values our society holds dear are thrown aside for tactical advantage one can only conclude that these terrorist are out to destroy our way of life. We need not read their "Common Sense" nor legitimize their bid for representation by listening to their needs, as it is clear they simply wish to destroy the British way of life. -A Concerned British Colonist