Here are my Friends

  Me and My Boss


Here is Samantha who was in one of my classes I took.  Our instructor was the Fabulous Penny Hightower.  Ms. Hightower was one the the best instructors I have had.  The only drawback to taking classes are you have to dress up.

Here is Bobbie. She worked with me on Main St.  Bobbbieeeee


This is how we decorated for Christmas.  Here is the wonderful Christmas tree from Wal-Mart.  You are unable to see our fireplace but it is burning a nativity set that Angel bought.

For Christmas Mandy Moore was hosting the special and I was lucky enough to meet her and have pictures of it.



Marcus below worked merchandise at the studios.  On this day he was working and Rock'n'Roller Coaster.

Here is Me and Randy.  As many of you recognize, Randy is the Facilitator of the Once Upon A Time class that every Magic Kingdom cast member has to take.  The second time I took the class I was put in time out.  Yes Time out.  I became very popular after that.  I was riding in an elevator my last week of the summer and this girl I've never seen before was like I know you from Once Upon a Time.  So thank you Randy.

Below are Jason and Jimmy and Emily.  I think this was the day they saw Dee Snider and weren't going to take it.

And Below is Jimmy and Shelley and Jason on the van seat.  Jason had a soccer mom van for the summer so we stole the seat out of it to provide extra seating in the living room.  the only problem is we had to put it in the van if we all wanted to go some where.

That van seat saw lots of action.