My Roommates


Below are pictures of my roommates picked to live at Vista Way and enjoy a time of our life's at Walt Disney World


This here is Angel from PR.  Angel wasn't much of a drinker and this night in early November ended his drinking for the rest of our time in FL.  If you think he looks bad now you should have saw him in the morning.    


Here is Fez our housekeeper.  If it wasn't for him we would have failed all the housing inspections.


This is Dan.  Dan didn't like it in FL so he decided to go home.  It was fine cuz he came back to visit and we enjoyed ourselves.  And yes that's Donald


 Here is Bj  and Scott with the x-mas tree me and Bj acquired from wal-mart

Above is a better picture of Bj.


Here are pictures from this summer in 1502


Here is Jason, Jimmy, Me, and Rob. 

Jason and Jimmy I don't know where.

Wow Frank.  So much can be said about Frank that this Website wouldn't even hold all of it.  Frank was termed for having a expired visa.  Then somehow asfter moving out he was rehired and replaced in our apartment again.  We thought we would be lucky enough to not get him again but we were wrong.  Frank was also lucky enough to have to share a room with Andrew, that combinations often offered the finest entertainment in the area.  And below is one of a few pics of Andrew. He's eating a plate of feces.



My other roommates I don't have pictures for yet but sooner or later they will all be on here even Andrew.