Is a bar located at Disney's Boardwalk.  On Tuesday nights cast members of age get in for free which is nice because any other night of the week pretty much sucks. Jimmy here it is the Jellyrolls video, it is pretty big but it is definitely worth it.   



Here is Andrea and Me.  Andrea is a friend from my first summer who worked at The Westward Ho.  That picture can be found in the work section.  Below is her roommate Stephanie.  Both often attended Jellyrolls for a few hours while Jimmy Jason and I opted to stay until close.  If you look over my shoulder you can kinda see my roommate Rob in the blue shirt.

Above is Jimmy and Stacey while below is a different Stacey and Me

I can't forget the guys from the UK and James from Welsh.  Below the guys from left to right are James, me Dwayne, and Jay.  These guys Were regulars at both Jellyrolls and Cheers-to be discussed later.



Is is a great picture of Jimmy and Me with rob doing his thing as usual. 


I think Sammy is singing pick up the god damn phone but who knows.  This guy also orders his groceries online.  Limp.