Where I worked

I worked for a department called Stands West which had locations in Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland.  My first job was selling Turkey Legs.

Here is Andrea, Luis and Thais in the wonderful Westward Ho.  Luis and I were frequent visitors to the Ho during the rain.

Here is Jonathan doing his thing.  He dances as well as I do.  Believe it.

Bri I'm working on adding light to the picture but I thought I would put you on anyways.


Trevor below worked with me as a cooker.  We also spent most Thursdays at Cheers where he is a real regular.


This summer I was unfortunate to work on Main St. but I was able to work with some great people including Vanessa and Stacey.  Are those costumes just ugly. 

This summer I was able to work in Stands and now they have some costumes that are so cute. Juan did almost as good of a job as Luis did but didn't.  Sorry Louie I don't have a picture of you on here.